Three things in life I love the most besides Family and Good People; Music, Basketball, and the pursuit of financial well-being($!Money!$). I started writing lyrics as early as 11 years old, and in high school was lead singer in 2 heavy metal style bands. Eventually I moved on to strictly hip hop music, but any and all genre's of music have influenced me one way or another. I've lived in many different places, from the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts (the 508!!) to Atlanta, GA, and also NYC more recently. From Small Towns to Big Cities, I've always managed to find people who inspire my craft and learn from their visions to apply to my own.

I use the term “Recession Rich” as a way to ignite people to focus on their inner power, to not be affected by the outer surroundings of the “bad economy,” and that there's strength in imagination. My music is driven with a lot of emotions; stories of struggle, love gone bad, run-ins with the law, overcoming self-doubt, the party life, everything... but to see it all with a sense of humor gives it the balance I use to deal with this bitch called Life anyway. We all go through the highs and the low's, dark days create the brightest of souls, fear is an option, hard work is exhaustion, death is certain but life is the goal. Let your emotions move you and there's no telling what you can learn and accomplish on your path to success... Good Luck..

-Colly C

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